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Here's what some of our students are saying:

"The experience and teaching style that Steve has is truly one of the best kept secrets in the aviation world."

I went to Steve to learn about upset attitudes, spins and to become familiar with the Pitts with the same anxieties as a death row inmate.   I was certain the outcome would be the same.  I left the course unsure if I had just flown with the top instructor in the world or a subliminal Pitts salesman that Curtis Pitts had crafted as part of his design.  Steve is certainly both. 

The lessons started with me really not all that excited about doing spins.  The lessons ended with me playing the "what if" game - putting the airplane in every imaginable attitude and situation to see what would happen and how I would recover.  The latter was not at Steve’s suggestion, but mine. 

Steve’s mastery of the airplane in all attitudes and all spin types, combined with his extremely calm manner gave me the confidence that there was nothing I would be able to do that he couldn’t talk me through.  I flew the airplane the entire time.  With Steve’s mastery of the airplane and his ability to calmly translate that experience into words, you never have to hear those dreaded words – "watch this". 

If you have any anxieties about stalls, spins or being upside down, do yourself a favor and take some lessons from Steve.  All your anxieties will be left in the air." 

Todd Mason, Chehalis, WA

Samson and S1 in formation


Just a quick note to say thank-you very much for the Pitts lesson. I have to say that although I imagined it would be a great experience, the performance and enjoyment far surpassed my expectations. I am very keen to carry on flying with you and I'll contact you in November when I am back from work. Your instructing techniques made me feel like I actually knew what I was doing by the end of the flight! Thanks again.

Daniel Sweet

I just wanted to take the time to thank you once again for the most fantastic experience of my life! The training you gave me on June 4 in “Unusual Attitude and Spin Awareness” was well worth the price of admission and more. I’ve been communicating with Faith, a fellow member of the “Goofy Grin Club” and we are both of the same opinion that your excellent instruction, and the vehicle used was beyond adjectives.


I wish I hadn’t got my stomach a little high in my throat, or I would have gone for some more aerobatics. Oh well, I guess that gives me an excuse to visit you in the future for more instruction. I still can’t believe what you taught me and allowed me to do in that fabulous airplane. I felt so one with the machine, and you were so calm and cool, even when, instead of rolling, I went into a dive and almost redlined it!


I greatly appreciate your very personal manner of instruction and the fact that you constantly checked in to see how I felt. I honestly feel that the instruction has given me a much greater appreciation of “unusual attitudes” and how to get out of them. Most important I think, is the increased level of comfort I feel with the skills you provided. It goes without saying that I would recommend your course, and you and your wife’s company to anyone. And speaking of Kathy, for the short time I was able to talk with her I found her a warm and genuine person. And I’m so impressed with the speed with which she took up aerobatics!


As I dig deeper into your web sites I am even more impressed with you and your wife’s depth and breadth of skills and knowledge. Much success to you both.


Thank you again for a most indescribable experience. I find that when trying to relate it to others, there seems to be no way to convey the intensity of the experience. Oh well, you just had to be there right?


Best regards,  Terry Shumaker


You probably don't remember me, but you gave me three flight lessons in 2002.  It was an incredible experience and I could never say enough about it.  I'm disappointed you moved to Florida as I never get down there.   Neil

Faith Drewry here - I took 10 hours of lessons with Steve a few years ago in Creswell, and I have been dying to get back!


Petra and Steve in S2B

RV Aerobatic training by Pete Hunt

I initially worked with Kathy to design a curriculum best suited to the aerobatics I could fly in my RV-6. It turned out that is almost all aerobatics except sustained inverted flight. We
agreed on ten training blocks, each with an
hour of ground instruction and an hour of flying.

The first two blocks focused on unusual
attitude training, training I had taken before at
Winterhaven and training I highly recommend
to all pilots for its safety value. With unusual
attitude training you will learn to recognize
dangerous cross-controlled conditions, spin
recovery and will perfect your airplane handling
skills in maneuvers such as the "falling

The next three training blocks which got
me to the half way point covered the more traditional aerobatic maneuvers. Wingovers,
chandelle, aileron roll, loop, slow roll, barrel
roll, Cuban eight's (half, full and reverse), cloverleaf, hammerhead, pull and push overs,
spins (upright, normal and accelerated), vertical
roll, hesitation roll and the Immelman.

Kathy was my instructor for this first half of
training and we flew her Zlin 242L. The Zlin is
a fully aerobatic, low wing airplane with a 200
hp fuel injected Lycoming driving a 3-blade MT
constant speed prop. The airplane is made in
the Czech Republic.

The Zlin is wonderful to
fly. Smooth and responsive yet light on the controls with plenty of rudder and elevator authority to give your maneuvers good precision.
Mess up a maneuver and the Zlin is very
forgiving. What I especially like about the
Zlin is the early and adequate stick buffeting
warning that a wing was about to stall. Further, the stick and rudder feel of the Zlin makes it an ideal airplane to teach you to finesse the maneuvers.

Aerobatics are a smooth dance with the airplane, not a dog fight. I was surprised to learn that all these maneuvers are essentially positive G maneuvers, maneuvers rarely going over 3.5 G's and maneuvers I can fly in my RV-6. I must share
with you that the secret is getting good instruction
and Kathy is the very best.


Pitts S2B

"If you enjoy flying, you will really enjoy flying with Kathy Hirtz:Its like aviating around with an old flying buddy.  She is an exceptionally able teacher with a relaxed demeanor that comes from complete mastery of the airplane (Zlin- neat plane).  It wasn’t long and I was looping, rolling, recovering from unusual attitudes and spins like I did it everyday.  It felt like I learned as much in two hours as I have in my previous 46 years of flying and owning five different classic tail draggers.  I meant to get this type of training before, but time got away from me, actually it should be required as much as any other type of training.  I know I am going to feel better next time I hear a controller say “caution wake turbulence” or in the mountains in my Cub.  I had such a good time I would like to go back. "

Dave Ottem - Othello, WA

"Flying with Steve and Kathy is  a great experience.  I was a little nervous about signing up for the 10 hour course after looking at all the maneuvers I would be learning, having never spun a plane before everything looked beyond my skill level.  All my nervousness was gone after the first ground school session and flight with Kathy in the Zlin. The plane is truly a joy to fly and Kathy is so relaxed that you can’t help but feel more at ease yourself. I’m glad I did the split course since it gave me the opportunity to fly two different handling planes in unusual attitudes. When the first five hours were over I was thinking I should fly all ten hours in the Zlin with Kathy, but I have always wanted to fly a Pitts Special.

            The Zlin is a great flying airplane, but after flying the Pitts with Steve I found out what an airplane should be.  Steve is one of those people whose enthusiasm is infectious. He is having as much fun as you are and it make for a great experience. I’m glad I flew the Zlin first to get the feel for the control movements required in a little heavier and slower airplane. To sum it up great people, great planes, and great location.  In the end the only problem with the 10 hour course is that it is only 10 hours and I had to go home.  Thanks very much Kathy and Steve what you taught me will probably save my life some day and it was more fun than I can ever begin to describe. "

Steve Ottem - Othello, WA

hello Ms kathy and hello Mr Steve!
this is Francisco Riquelme, the spanish pilot who flew with you in March.
first of all, thanks for everything, i really enjoyed with you! great learning, awesome flight, everything was very good!

"Steve, it was a great experience.  I took the Pitts out today and spun it, looped it, Cuban eights and reverse, and hammerhead.  Absolutely no anxiety at all.  You taught me well and gave me that experience to experience the unknowns. " 

"When I needed to get some advanced training to prepare for the first test flight of my Christen Eagle, several people pointed me at Steve Wolf and Wing Over Aerobatics.

Steve first spent a good deal of time with me on the phone and on the ground working out what I needed in terms of training.

Flying with Steve was outstanding - not only did he significantly sharpen up my air work, but being able to pick up just a fraction of his overwhelming experience with aircraft structures, flight testing and high performance biplanes was a tremendous bonus. In addition, Wing Over Aerobatics' Pitts S2B is also the best rigged aircraft I think I've ever flown, which made the flying even more enjoyable and, coupled with Steve's relaxed instruction style, the learning environment first class. Finally, Wing Over Aerobatics' location is also a bonus: Creswell Airport not only has a reasonably light traffic load but it is right next to a large tract of airspace that can be easily used for aerobatic instruction - no long flights to a practice area!"   


I'm emailing just to say thank you. I had a great day at your school, and everything worked fine, especially Steve. He is a very nice guy, a skillful pilot, a full box of knowledge and a amazing instructor!! Flying N3VG was a fantastic experience! Thank's
Best regards
Juliano Barros

Had a brilliant time thank you very much. Really enjoyed flying the Pitts - well except for the 20kts crosswind!

I'll be back after a my Eagle is flying and I have a little more time under my belt. Thanks again.

Ben - UK

Thanks for the great experience with the Pitts.   Later on in the week my G tolerance went way up.   The competition was lots of fun even though I didn't place very well.  I turned in the wrong direction on the downline of the hammer head and did the rest of the sequence in the wrong direction.   I got very decent scores on the figures but they where in the wrong direction.  Oh well. lol  Next time. 
I sent some picks of us starting the Ultimate 10-150 for the first time.  It ran great. 
I was very happy with the training we did in that very limited time and I will Highly recommend your school to the local pilots.  Thanks again.
      Stefan Trischuk 

I just wanted to say that I really appreciated being able to fly with you last Thursday and let you know you made learning to handle the Pitts a lot of fun. I know I came to you with minimal experience and a dream, yet I left your hanger feeling one step closer to reaching my dreams of owning and flying a Pitts in an airshow one day. I know it is still a long time away for that, but yet I feel I am one step closer to reaching my dream. I have flown Pitts with others and none of them compare to the experience I had flying with you!  I truly mean it.  I would have loved to hang around and talked with you more, but the guy I flew in with and I had to put a King Air and a Duke back together for a trip they had to make on Friday.  I can’t wait to fly with you again and from the back seat of a S2B next time!!!  
Thanks Again
Matt Chontos

"Just wanted to pass on my thanks once again for the opportunity to fly with you. I have to admit I didn't do much research into who I was flying with before arriving at the airport but it was quite humbling once I saw the pictures and airplanes and began to piece things together. But Steve made me feel like just one of the guys and I was very comfortable throughout the whole lesson. I could have listened to his stories for hours, just amazing. Best thing is I still feel like I want/need to continue learning more about aerobatics ( minus the vomiting ) and improve my flying skills. Great meeting you both - Thanks again, Fred Ouellette

"I hope your move has been easy and successful. I wanted to let you know that Greg and our son Austin worked on editing the video we shot of my airshow and have posted it to youtube. It's pretty fun and shows off some of the cool things we did that day. You can find it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liO4V9FEeZg and if you want to use it as a link on your website, please do so. 
Drop me a note when you have the time and let me know how things are going. I already miss flying with you! " Thanks,  Mary Richardson

I want to thank you for the great flight instruction you gave me over the last
few weeks and for yesterday’s final flight, which was without out a doubt the
best flying experience I’ve had in my life—everything really came together
and I felt like I was truly in command of the Pitts for the first time. And I was
fortunate to have my dad there to show him what I’ve learned and I think he
was pleased with what he saw.
Thank Kathy for indulging a novice’s interest in formation aerobatics—I’m sure
I don’t need to remind you how lucky you are to have a life companion with
the same passion for flying as you.  Chris

Steve and 96 y/o student  
"My 96 year old mother loved the ride!"

At today's poker run, I took a friend who started flying last year, took 10 hours and then suddenly quit.  He said he just didn't have time and would take it up again someday.   I sat right seat in 140, with him in the left.  I let him fly it the whole time with exception of some foot work on takeoffs and landings.  We flew most of the legs at 1500 to 2000 feet.  The last leg I told him to take it to 3,000 feet.  I then had him do slow flight which he did wonderful.  I then asked him to demonstrate a power off stall.  His voice changed as he pleaded - Can we please not do that on this flight.   He then explained he was terrified of stalls.  That was his last lesson.  His instructor took him out, had him pitch the nose way up, it broke, and he was to push it way down.  I could tell there was no chance he would do a power off stall without a fight.  After he got it back to cruise flight, I confided my terror of stalls when I was a student and many of the first years of being a private pilot and about my anxiety three days ago about doing inverted spins.   I promised him I could demonstrate a stall that wouldn't leave his stomach in his throat.  After he felt reassured, I did a power off stall slowing the plane gently so the noise was not above the horizon.  At the stall, I showed him how just a slight pressure forward would fly the airplane again.  Then a full stall keeping the noise straight with the rudder- the nose on the 140 hardly goes down at all and it just buffets along.  He couldn't believe how simple stalls could be.  I'm not sure why instructors seem to start with the abrupt pitches but it terrifies many students for years. 

I just wanted to relay the story because I am certain I started the same confidence in stalls with him that you gave me in recovering from unusual attitude.  I also tried my best to emulate the same calmness and explanations you gave me.  He told my wife after the flight when I wasn't around about his positive experience with me and that the stall was the reason he quit flying. Thanks so much Steve



Alan and Steve with Zlin

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