The WingOver Aerobatics LLC team members are Kathy Hirtz and Steve Wolf.

Kathy Hirtz:

Kathy Hirtz, MD is the founder of WingOver Aerobatics and a General Practice, Sports Medicine Physician. Kathy took up flying at the age of 48. She discovered her passion for aerobatic flying taking a spin recovery course prior to her first solo.

Kathy knew it was her thing after the first spin. †

With the expert help of Steve Wolf, her aerobatic instructor, Kathy began her training in a Zlin 242L†. and continued it in the Pitts S-2B. †Kathy logged 400 hours her first year of flying!

Taking instruction from Aerobatic icon Sean D. Tucker , she learned how to tumble and received her 500 foot aerobatic waiver from Wayne Handley.

Kathy performed in her first airshow† at Arlington 2002. There she amazed the crowd with her highly skilled tumbling routine after only 16 months of flying.

Kathy has competed successfully at both the Sportsman and Intermediate levels in IAC, International Aerobatic Club, events. At Kathy's first competition she won both the highest scoring Sportsman category and the Sportsman class.††

Kathy founded WingOver Aerobatics LLC in order to offer a spin training course in the Northwest United States. In 2009 Kathy and Steve decided to move WingOver Aerobatics LLC to Leesburg, Florida where they could offer year round training in the Southeast. †

WingOver also offers aerobatic rides and full aerobatic training courses with instructor and husband Steve Wolf.

Kathy performed airshows from 2002 until her last airshow at Sun N Fun 2009. She had a ground level waiver.

Her high powered routine included tumbles, flat spins, torque rolls, double hammerheads, as well as other interesting original maneuvers and is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Kathy began teaching the Spin Avoidance and Unusual Attitude Course in 2011 in the Zlin 242L. She also teached basic aerobatics in her beautiful Zlin. She how has over 2500 hrs, mostly aerobatic flying




Kathy Hirtz & Steve Wolf
WingOver Aerobatics LLC

Steve Wolf :

Steve is a world renowned airshow pilot with over 40 years experience in both instructing and performing aerobatics. †

Steve developed and instructed The Royal Falcons, Jordanís national Aerobatic flying team. †He was personally invited by the late King Hussein of Jordan, a pilot himself, who had witnessed Steveís impressive command of the Pitts biplane. †

Steve has well over 7,000 hours in the Pitts, and has accrued close to 9,000 hours of flying time in a variety of aircraft, most being in the aerobatic category.† Steve has flown all the airplanes in the Pitts Series of aerobatic biplanes.† These include all versions of the S1 series and S2 series.

Steve has flown on the deck at Airshows across America for many years in a variety of aircraft. †He is most famous for his custom built Pitts biplane, Samson. †

Steve is a world renowned aircraft builder and an FAA certified Airframe and powerplant, (A&P) mechanic. †In addition to building Samson, he built the Gee Bee replica, the wing for the Hughes H-1 racer which was completed in 2002, and many others. †He designed and built the Wolf-Pitts biplane and Cyclone, a fantastic aerobatic monoplane.

His latest creation is the Samson Mite, a 3/4 scale version of his famous plane Samson.

Steve has been a member of two formation aerobatic teams and this experience has given Steve the skills to teach formation flying as well. †

Steve is a CFI and all training is logged as dual. He is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of aviation. †He is an outstanding pilot and a joy to be around. †

He will give you the experience of a lifetime!† †

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