The WingOver Aerobatics LLC team trains students and provides aerobatic rides in the following aircrafts.

Pitts S-2B

Pitts S2B Year of Manufacture: 1992
G Limits: +6/-3
3 blade MT composite prop for safety
High performance AEIO-540 Lycoming engine
260 horsepower
Open or closed cockpitt
Outstanding performance and control
Advance maneuvers
hooker harness front and rear cockpits
Garmin GPS
Complete with front panic and eject buttons! (non-functional)

Pitts S2B


Zlin 242L, Pitts S2B, Kathy Hirtz and Steve WolfKathy Hirtz & Steve Wolf
WingOver Aerobatics, LLC

Zlin 242L:

Zlin 242L Year of Manufacture: 1995
G Limits: +6/-3
MT 3 blade composite prop.
Engine AEIO-360 200 horsepower
Wide and comfortable with excellent visibilty
Side-by-side seating for easy instructing
Stick control with balanced controls - very light and responsive
IFR certified with GPS
Deluxe version with full leather interior and canopy curtains
glider tow hitch and rearview mirror!

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