Our Mission

"To provide skilled aerobatic training to those who wish to enjoy the freedom that flight can offer."

Aerobatic training can help you feel more in control flying any airplane. Our Spin course will make you a better pilot and help you understand more about the mechanics of flight.

It builds self-confidence in all phases of flying. Experience the thrill of flying a responsive aerobatic plane to perfect your skills. It may just save your life!

Pitts check-out, including landings and spins. We want you to be able to enjoy this incredible aerobatic machine and be safe!

Call us now to schedule your flight... (352) 259-2394!

Aerobatic rides make a great gift too! Give the gift of the thrill of flight to someone you love. Much better than any amusement park ride. We gear our rides to the passenger giving them as much as they want, or at least as much as they can take! We have gift certificates available.


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