Kathy Hirtz in the Wolfpitts Special

Kathy Hirtz in the Wolfpitts Special

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Located at Love's Landing Airpark (97FL) near Orlando, Fl. Call us on our new number at 352-259-2394 or email ithirtz@aol.com

Welcome to WingOver Aerobatics!

WingOver Aerobatics, LLC is where everyone wants to go for aerobatic rides, aerobatic lessons, spin training and unusual attitude training.

"Flying with Steve and Kathy is  a great experience. Thank you very much Kathy and Steve what you taught me will probably save my life some day and it was more fun than I can ever begin to describe....."

Steve Ottem - Othello, WA 2/25/2011





Steve and Kathy,
Your Unusual Attitude and Spin Recovery Course saved my life yesterday, even though I took your course 2 years ago.
I am a low hour private pilot, not instrument rated. Late last night I was flying a Cessna 172 and inadvertently flew into some low clouds while climbing. Full IMC. I could not see anything outside. I did call ATC for help and was given vectors to a nearby well-lit Class D field, but I was trapped in the clouds for some time while attempting to follow these vectors. As I noticed the instruments starting to dance around I realized I lacked the ability (muscle memory? trained reflexes?) to quickly interpret them and take action. Then I knew I was in trouble. I found myself "chasing" the instruments, and everything started to happen faster and faster and faster; I was WAY behind the airplane.

Well, I did break out (or fall out?) of the clouds - and found myself at 400 feet AGL and noticed that the horizon was up high in the windscreen (nose dive?); I had to lift my head slightly to see it. I was in a steep bank and it was slowly getting steeper!(Spiral dive?) I think the plane was starting to roll and I was also obviously in a nose low attitude. Here is where your training came in. I was able to immediately recover from that unusual attitude at such a dangerously low altitude - at night. After that I was able to see the Class D field's lights, fly toward the field, and land safely.
When I dropped out those clouds I had a just few seconds to react and recover the plane. There was no time for guesswork. I had one shot at it. Your course saved my life.
Thank you.
Brian R
Tampa, FL


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WingOver Welcomes the Florida Highway Patrol Pilots

The Florida Highway Patrol decides their Pilots need to be kept current with Unusual Attitude Training and chooses WingOver Aerobatics LLC.

WingOver's Zlin instructor Kathy Hirtz has put 9 FHP pilots through the rigors of Spin Awareness and Avoidance as well as Unusual Attitude training since the end of 2011 and has a new advanced course scheduled for them this year 2013, that will include Advanced Emergency Maneuver Training.

These fine Pilots keep our Highways safe by patroling from the sky!


Read our testimonials and you will understand why!

dave oswald

For the best training and experience in Aerobatics take our special 10 hour split course - 5 hours Zlin and 5 hours in the Pitts! It will enable you to fly any plane and perform the maneuvers well. Special rate of $3950

I want to thank you for the wonderful time I spent with you at Wing Over Aerobatics.  I felt very welcome. Your flight school is professional and personable, The tailoring of your instruction to my flying skills and needs showed your dedication of teaching flying to others. Flying with you and Steve was a joy. Your love of flying and teaching shows and is infectious for the student. I want to come back again and fly with you both. 
Flying the Zlin was a joy and a very good airplane to teach fundamentals of aerobatics. Honest airplane, does what you ask and fun to fly. The fact that it is similar to the general aviation fleet makes it wonderful for the average pilot to learn skills they might need and have fun in the process.
The Pitts S2B. Everything about flying left me with a grin on my face. An aircraft designed for fun. Loops, Rolls, Hammerheads, etc. I felt the airplane was going "Weeeee" right along with me.
My  flying skills have been improved and I will use them while flying sailplanes or power.

Thank you for the excellent training. I had fun and the most important, I learned a lot. 

Ray DaSilva 


What we offer:

Spin Avoidance & Unusual Attitude Training -- basic course will help with self confidence and improved ability to take control of the airplane in any situation.

Advanced Emergency Techniques -- advanced training designed for those who demand more out of their plane and need to be very adept at emergency proceedures. Also good in combination with the basic course.

Aerobatic Training -- spin avoidance & unusual attitude training, aerobatics from basic maneuvers - all kinds of rolls, loop, hammerhead, Immelman, cuban eight to the advanced maneuvers - double hammerhead, centrifuge, flip top, gyroscopic maneuvers, flat spins upright and inverted, snap rolls...

Pitts landing and check out - by the Pitts Master Steve Wolf - recognized and approved by all insurance carriers. You fly from the front or the back seat! CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO CLIP FROM ROMAN

CFI Spin Endorsement -- get what the FAA requires and a lot more. Be prepare for anything that a student can get you into. 40 minutes flight time plus ground school with Steve who has been teaching spin prevention and recovery for over 40 years. Special introductory price of $410. Well worth every penny!

Exhilarating Aerobatic rides in a Zlin 242L & a Pitt S-2B. Including Wingovers, Steep turns, Rolls, Loops, Hammerheads, 1/2 Cuban eights and more. We are pleased to be able to offer you HD video of your flight!

Click on the photo to check out Gail's exciting ride on You-tube!





Kathy Hirtz in the S2BKathy Hirtz, MD founded WingOver Aerobatics LLC in 2001 to share her enthusiasm for aerobatic flight by offering aerobatic rides for non-pilots and spin training courses for pilots in the Northwest United States and now in the Southeast.

WingOver also offers full aerobatic training courses with our primere instructors Steve Wolf,CFI and Kathy Hirtz MD in Leesburg, Florida where the sun is always shining.

Steve Wolf, CFI, A&P Chief instructor - Steve has been instructing aerobatics for 45 years. WingOver also offers full Pitts aerobatic training courses and check- out. Pitts purchase consultation and prebuyer's evaluations also available from the Pitts Expert, click on his name for a link to his web site.

Contact Us:

Telephone: 352-259-2394
Mail: 15943 SE 176th St, Weirsdale, Fl 32195 Located at Love's Landing Airpark 97FL, but can meet you at Leesburg International Airport at SunAir Aviation.
Email: ithirtz@aol.com

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